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The ability to speak truth to power and do what most needs doing despite great risk is fundamental to a resourceful human.


There is a drive to delve into the heritage of humanity, whether its science, mathematics or art with rigor is key to a resouceful human.


There is an understanding that good decision requires an ability to think through things, a resourceful human makes time for process.


An unerring ability to navigate morally ambiguous terrain, with integrity and rock solid principals is a crucial part of a resourceful human.


An innate desire to go to the edge of the known and go further. This need to probe into the frontier is what makes a resourceful human tick.


A solid ability to learn, unlearn and relearn across multiple disciplines independently is a crucial element of a resourceful human


The ability to perseverance despite great challenges and over the long term is a key characteristics of a resourceful human.


The journey to truly getting to know self, though difficult and uncertain is valued and a priority for a resourceful human.


Doing things well, craftsmanship and an eagerness to build things that matter in a way that is demanding is embraced by the resourceful human.

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Rahim’s adventurous career includes teaching in remote First Nation’s communities, the richer suburbs of this province, the streets of Calgary and even a brief stint in East Africa.2

Rahim is Co-founder and Curator of TEDxCalgary, serves as a Senator in the University of Calgary Senate and as Advisor for The Deans Talks at the Cumming School of Medicine. He calls these parts of his engagement his “real world masters degree”! Rahim is also a Grad Student in the University of Calgary, studying for his M.Ed.

As a teacher he is an active part of the largest enterprise that much of humanity is actively involved in: Education.He is on a mission to figure out how we can better educate people for an uncertain future.

As Curator of TEDxCalgary since 2009 he has made it his mission to rejuvenate the role of civil society in Calgary, by convening people around ideas that matter.

A child’s education should begin at least one hundred years before he is born.

Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.

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Human resources are defined as something to be used when directed. Resourceful humans on the other hand are adaptable and self directing.